Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Amish Clothing Patterns

As a Christian, I want my daughters to dress modestly. Unfortunately most dresses available for little girls suffer from one or more deficiency in the modesty area. Either they are too short, or they are emblazoned with logos that scream "look at me."

The Amish and conservative Mennonites sew their own clothes, for the most part. The plain styles of the Mennonites are not readily available. The few online shops charge very high prices. I am sure the prices are fair, considering the labor and quality workmanship, but my twins grow fast.

I have occasionally found used Mennonite dresses at a thrift shop in Wilmot, Ohio. But finding plain dresses for my daughters is almost impossible.

I have recently found a source for dress patterns. Friends Patterns has a wide selection of dress patterns and many other patterns.

Simple, modest dresses.