Monday, October 17, 2016

Plain Communities Business Exchange - a back-door look at the needs and interests of Amish business owners

Plain Communities Business Exchange 
This informational and advertising monthly is for those interested in business issues or looking for Plain businesses and products.
A recent issue included 19 articles, among them “Industry Insider” features (interviews and profiles of businesses such as Pioneer Equipment, a horse-drawn equipment maker), and advice articles covering topics such as financial issues and other business-related questions.

Plain Communities Business Exchange is also a popular advertising venue, and if you enjoy ads for Amish and other Plain businesses, you’ll probably like the many ads in the publication.
I generally quite like the advertisements in these publications as they give a back-door look at the needs and interests of Amish, in this case business owners. For example, ads in the April 2015 issue cover everything from battery typewriters to tubular skylights to “computerless email” to something called the EZ-Gluer.
We’ll have more on Plain Communities Business Exchange next week in a special interview with the publication.
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